Friday, October 30, 2009

Effectiveness of traditional media

Hi I'm writing this after taking rest @ home due to illness. I was hooked to TV most of the time watching soaps, rather I can say I was compelled to do so by my mother and I lacked strength to fight her back...............the same thing continued for 2 to 3 days........I was able to find rather discover one eureka moment:) I know I will not be awarded any international awards...but atleast a local one will help me to take more leaves and do more discovery.

My finding is whenever a ads slot starts between a soap, my mom automatically puts the TV in mute and starts her regular house hold work, she has a very good intution of ads slot timing that, she puts the mute off exactly a second before the soap starts again after the ads break(guys believe me it needs tremendous practice, i tried many times and failed tremendously on the same).

what made me to think????? being in the sales and understanding marketing activities and media spending, I'm thinking in the current scenario where the rate per second is increasing per second and corporate booking ads slot for complete day and spending major chunk of ads budjet in traditional media like Tv, is it worth?( my mom doesnt even watch any ads between the soaps...), I know one house hold per 100 crore is no way a consideration for any B school guy, but please think on the same.

When many more innovative media is available for ads, why we are more interested in the traditional media? is that because we wanted to play safe or is it the only media in which we have expertise to reach masses?

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  1. wow... nice n is something that needs some thinking about, if people dont watch advertisements then what is the point of having advertisements anyway??